£100. The second is more modernist, putting a great stress (too great, I think) on death. -"@fr ; skos:exactMatch , ; skos:note "Poème écrit pour l'album publié à l'occasion de l'exposition des oeuvres de Robert Delaunay, Galerie Der Sturm, Berlin, 1913"@fr ; skos:prefLabel "Les fenêtres"@fr ; foaf:focus ; foaf:page . (4) “Les fenêtres” by Guillaume Apollinaire in Calligrammes (1913-1916), 1918. For this reader at least, the interest generated by the successive transformations varied considerably, but the journey as a whole was rewarding, thought-provoking, and occasionally inspiring. Les Fenêtres. Charles Baudelaire: The Flowers of Evil, translated by Anthony Mortimer; Stéphane Mallarmé: Azure: Poems and Selections from the ‘Livre’, translated by Blake Bronson-Bartlett and Robert Fernandez. It is of course blurb-speak to write on the cover of such a volume that this is a ‘powerful re-imagining that is closer to Baudelaire's own poetry than any previous English translation’. 24-25. The editors lay out their plan clearly enough, but rather polysyllabically, with a good deal of reference to recent contributions in Translation Studies. Brand new. Martin Sorrell's dynamic variation, working from Apollinaire's interest in modern forms of communication (here telegraphy and traffic lights, which embody the green, red, and yellow of the poem), is followed by a full ‘translator's journal’, purporting to record the thoughts and hesitations of the translator, the roads not taken, the multiple possibilities. A work from the collections of the de Young and Legion of Honor museums of San Francisco, CA. Quand chantent les aras dans les forêt natales Locate and compare Portes et Fenêtres in Saint-Apollinaire QC, Yellow Pages Local Listings. London: Angel Classics, 2012. Charles Baudelaire: Paris Spleen: Little Poems in Prose. From the description of Letter : Paris, to Marc Bresil, 1914 March 12. National Endowment for the Humanities, University of Virginia Library Edited with translations by Peter France. Portes et Fenêtres surrounding Saint-Apollinaire QC: 31 of 38 result(s) Husky Portes Fenetres Fabrication 100 rue du Parc-Industriel , Saint-Côme-Linière , QC G0M 1J0 Get directions Pp. About this product. Translation and Literature publishes critical studies and reviews primarily on English literary writing, of all periods. No doubt it is meant to stand in for Baudelaire's French for those who cannot read the original. Not only are we offered a collection of very different rewritings of ‘Les Fenêtres’, going further and further away from a close reading of the poem, but the authors themselves provide their own travel journals, sometimes in the form of multiple translations, sometimes by way of diaries, notes, and commentaries. - One poem in search of a translator : re-writing \"Les fenêtres\" by Apollinaire / Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella (eds), 2009. French painter who introduced vibrant color into Cubist painting, originating the movement known as Orphism. They declare in their introductory chapter: Translation is a journey, a journey undertaken by the text, hopping around the world, mischievously border-crossing from one language to another, from one culture to another. French writer and critic. Bern: Peter Lang, 2007. Translated by Keith Waldrop. Any translator of poetry will sympathize with Waldrop when he admits ‘to me every attempt at beauty seems infinitely difficult and all great art is “miracle” ’. 'Les Fenêtres' - Manifeste d'une esthétique toute neuve (Apollinaire). Free delivery on qualified orders. Retrouvez One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting 'Les Fenetres' by Apollinaire et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. To give body to such statements, Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella asked a dozen writers and translators and one artist to work on one poem, Apollinaire's ‘Les Fenêtres’. ★ Produits De Fenestration Artik Inc, Les ★ 376 rue Laurier, Saint-Apollinaire, Quebec, 4188814420 ★ Building Materials, Doors, Metal Doors, Metal Storm Doors and Windows, Metal Windows The translations begin with some quite straightforward versions by Pierre Joris and Tom Paulin. There are 2 Entities related to this resource. L'unité du poème Les fenêtres de Guillaume Apollinaire. Édition originale comportant 11 reproductions dont une en couleurs, des œuvres de Robert Delaunay contrecollées sur feuillets noirs et 5 feuillets préliminaires sur papier jaune bouton d'or. Compre online One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting ‘Les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire: Rewriting 'les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire, de Loffredo, Eugenia, Perteghella, Manuela na Amazon. From the description of La peinture est proprement un language lumineux, ca. ... SNAC is a discovery service for persons, families, and organizations found within archival collections at cultural heritage institutions. Pp. What comes over particularly strongly here is Baudelaire's abrasively negative power, notably in the poems that take the form of brief stories. While one kind of translation discourse is concerned above all with serving the original, there is another discourse, very prominent in some recent translation theory, that stresses the creative nature of the translator's work. Boston University Libraries. Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt. French painter. What bearing does it have on the ordinary work of translation? WorldCat record id: 79028649 French writer. Pp. Its phrasing suggests that it is addressed primarily to the American reader of the twenty-first century. ONE POEM IN SEARCH OF A TRANSLATOR: REWRITING 'LES FENETRES' BY APOLLINAIRE. par Guillaume Apollinaire. Καλλιτέχνης: Guillaume Apollinaire (Guillaume Albert Vladimir Alexandre Apollinaire de Kostrowitzky) Τραγούδι: Les fenêtres Άλμπουμ: Calligrammes - Poèmes de la paix et de la guerre (1913-1916) This site uses cookies. London: Angel Books, 1997. Search. Two other texts are placed before Scott's, where the visual is downplayed in relation to the cultural; in both cases the multiple translations offered are a far cry from those which open this collection. 160. 7. 240. French writer. The translation is as an offering to the poet's mother, whose mother tongue is Punjabi, so that Apollinaire's poem is repositioned in a bilingual English-Punjabi world, though those without Punjabi can do no more than imagine the effect. One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting ‘Les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire: Amazon.ca: Eugenia Loffredo, Manuela Perteghella: Books Lindberg, Ylva . Crypto-Back-Translation in Van Rooten's Homophonic Nursery Rhymes. This is a journey, then, but a journey without an end – there is no expectation that it will produce the ideal translation. Its scope takes in the reception of ancient Greek and Latin works, the historical and contemporary translation of literary works from modern languages, and the far-reaching effects which the practice of translation has, over time, exerted on literature written in English. Il représentait le premier point de repère avant de devenir le point de rayonnement de la lumière. As well as reflecting Apollinaire's cosmopolitanism, this is a fascinating plaything in its own right, more interesting than the commentary that follows (with Scott it was perhaps the other way round). Pp. Published in Translation and Literature 29.3, Looking for the Censor in the Works of Sean O'Casey (and Others) in Polish Translation Robert Looby Navigate; Linked Data; Dashboard; Tools / Extras; Stats; Share . This is (mostly) a joyful book, and Apollinaire would probably have welcomed it. xvi+447. WorldCat record id: 84215141 From the description of Notes on art, 1899-1914. Pp. Chez Robert Delaunay, le thème de la tour resta capital à l’époque des Fenêtres. Fast and free shipping free returns cash on delivery available on eligible purchase. In-folio, relié par une cordelette d'origine. Bern: Peter Lang. It also publishes significant historical translations edited from manuscript sources. Search for Library Items Search for Lists Search for Contacts Search for a Library. Waldrop had previously translated the more formal prosody of Les Fleurs du mal into prose poetry; here he has simply (simply?) What one misses overall, though, is what Baudelaire said he was aiming for in his famous letter to Arsène Houssaye: ‘the miracle of a poetic prose, musical without rhyme or rhythm, sufficiently subtle and sufficiently abrupt to follow the lyrical movements of the soul, the undulations of reverie, the jolts of conscience’ – but then Baudelaire himself only achieves this at times. Waldrop plays, as Baudelaire does, with different registers, occasionally venturing, appropriately enough, into modern colloquialism (‘crap’, ‘send me’, ‘I guess’), but mainly tending towards the formal and archaic. are more rough and ready, with the suspicion that his word ‘wrinkles’ (where the French has ‘bigorneaux’) is no more than a misreading of ‘winkles’ in the editors’ gloss – but what is one to make of the penultimate line of his third version: ‘the window peels like and orange’? (2) “Les fenêtres” by Stéphane Mallarmé in Le Parnasse Contemporain, 1863/66. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for One Poem in Search of a Translator : Re-Writing "Les Fenêtres" by Apollinaire (2008, Trade Paperback, New Edition) at the best online prices at eBay! Buy online, view images and see past prices for DELAUNAY - APOLLINAIRE. (person). Gennady Aygi: Selected Poems. £33. Pp. (Getty Research Institute). One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting 'Les Fenetres' by Apollinaire: Rewriting 'les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire: Loffredo, Eugenia, Perteghella, Manuela: Amazon.sg: Books LES FENÊTRES. Translated by Keith Waldrop. (3) “Les fenêtres” by Marie Krysinska in Rythmes pittoresques, 1890. 1924. In ‘Vista’ the conceptual poet Ira Lightman reduces (or expands?) 3, Robert Delaunay. Calligrammes: Poems of Peace and War (1913-1916) by Guillaume Apollinaire, translated by Anne Hyde Greet 527pp, University of California Press, £13.95 In her own words: ‘Paradoxically, the uniqueness of Apollinaire's poem as a revolution in poetic syntax is lost in these machine translations, yet the force of that revolution is actualized in the increased plasticity of language when the deconstruction and reconstruction of linguistic codes reaches the speed of light.’ The next contribution, from the British Asian writer Raman Mundair, incorporates into a slightly modified version of the original gloss a mass of Punjabi words, sometimes alongside the English, more often replacing it. It is part of what One Poem in Search of an Author presents as the continuing dialogue between Baudelaire and his innumerable translators, and ideally it should be read as such, rather than as a replacement for the Petits poèmes en prose. the Apollinaire poem, "Les fenêtres," where another orange is depicted in a somewhat similar fashion, and which helps to reveal how the comparison represents a fundamental strategy of Eluarďs poetic imagination. Share this: Click to print (Opens in new window) Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in … Guillaume Apollinaire: Selected Poems, translated by Martin Sorrell, Georg Trakl: Poems and Prose, translated by Alexander Stillmark. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: or Search WorldCat. The text is presented without the original, and with almost no indication of how the translation has been conceived. Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. This volume consists of twelve translations of one poem: ‘Les Fenêtres’ by the French poet Apollinaire. One recasts the free verse poem in Apollinaire's characteristic strict verse form, the octosyllable – and to very good effect. He pursues the argument here in a vigorous brief essay which helps elucidate his translation. Charles Baudelaire: Complete Poems. But apart from the pleasure it no doubt gave its makers, and the liberating model it proposes, it does bring out the value of making or reading several translations of a work, not necessarily to search out the best, but to read them all together, a constellation opening up the many sides of the original. PARIS, ANDRÉ MARTY, [1912]. Abatis de pihis. IN-FOLIO. The result is predictably risible at times, or else flat and uninteresting in itself, yet it does, as Godard claims, open some strange new windows. Bern: Peter Lang. £75.95 One can imagine, then, that Apollinaire himself would have liked this new embodiment of his ‘aesthetics of renewal’ – the phrase is from an introductory essay by Tim Matthews, who prefaces his own laudatory account of the reworkings that follow with the remark: ‘I cannot imagine a more faithful way of bringing to life Apollinaire's own living art.’. 268. 284 pp., 33 coloured and 12 b/w ill. Apollinaire widely used a free verse– a type of poem, which does not have beat, rhyme, strict rhythm, identical length of lines, but it is full of musicianship, internal poetics. Translated and edited by Emery George. ‘Les Fenêtres: To Guillaume Apollinaire’ with Six Illustrations by Anne Jacobs Patricia Duncker is the author of four novels, Hallucinating Foucault (1996), shortlisted for the IMPAC award and winner of the Dillons First Fiction Award and the McKitterick Prize, James … By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. The poet George Szirtes also gives three different versions of the poem. [Guillaume Apollinaire; Rik Lina] Home. De ramen = Les fenêtres. $67.32. Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Top picked items . The result is a many-sided dialogue between Apollinaire and his translators/commentators. Edited by Gillian E. Dow. As a translator of Hungarian poetry, he has felt he must remain ‘small and transparent’, since he has the responsibility for introducing little-known work to an English-speaking audience. It embraces imitation and adaptation, including adaptation into other art forms; the theory of literary translation; and publishing history. Read "One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting ‘Les Fenêtres’ by Apollinaire . « Les fenêtres » par Les Fenêtres simultanées sur la ville de Robert Delau- ... d’Apollinaire à Lou, ainsi que les poèmes qu’il lui a envoyés. PAPERBACK by Loffredo, Eugenia; Perteghella, Manuela. Καλλιτέχνης: Guillaume Apollinaire (Guillaume Albert Vladimir Alexandre Apollinaire de Kostrowitzky) Τραγούδι: Les fenêtres Άλμπουμ: Calligrammes - Poèmes de la paix et de la guerre (1913-1916) Rewriting ‘Les Fenêtres’ by Apollinaire Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella Oxford, Bern, Berlin, Bruxelles, Frankfurt am Main, New York, Wien, 2009. Toutes les informations de la Bibliotheque Nationale de France sur : Les fenêtres - Guillaume Apollinaire (1880-1918) LES FENETRES Manifeste d'une esthetique toure neuve PROPOS «Je n'ecrirai plus gu'une poesie libre de toure entrave, serait-ce celle du langage1• » C' est avec l' intransigeance d 'un iconoclaste gue le poete Croniamantal, mandate par Apollinaire, fair tomber rous les monuments poetigues de leur socle traditionnel. This involves three different rewritings of ‘Les Fenêtres’, one fairly close, the other two moving sideways into dialogue with Robert and Sonia Delaunay, Blaise Cendrars, and the translator Paul Blackburn, the last of whom figures prominently in the attractive sixteen-day record of Baker's involvement with the poem and its translation, a zig-zagging, spiralling travel journal that revisits many of the essential dilemmas of the translator of poetry. - . Invaluable is the world's largest marketplace for art, antiques, and collectibles. (2) “Les fenêtres” by Stéphane Mallarmé in Le Parnasse Contemporain, 1863/66. Pp. 19... http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w6hh6krt Read One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting 'Les Fenetres' by Apollinaire: Rewriting 'les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire book reviews & author details and more at Amazon.in. Apollinaire was the first, who began to write without punctuation marks (from the 1912), because they seemed excessive to him. From the description of Les fenêtres (poem), 1913. WorldCat record id: 84215141 From the description of Notes on art, 1899-1914. Apollinaire's Les Fenêtres. From the description of Notes on art, 1899-1914. 8. 284. Pb. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. (3) “Les fenêtres” by Marie Krysinska in Rythmes pittoresques, 1890. Publisher: Classiques Garnier On devinait à travers eux la personnalité ardente et fantasque de la comtesse Louise de Coligny-Châtillon. 284. Good proof-reading is essential in a publication such as this. Les Fenêtres, un poème de Guillaume Apollinaire. The celebrated Canadian translator Barbara Godard, taking her cue like Sorrell from Apollinaire's keenness on new technology, submits ‘Les Fenêtres’ to manipulation by various computerized translating programmes, Babelfish, Systran, etc. And indeed ‘Les Fenêtres’ is in its way a ‘translation’ of the series of ‘simultaneist’ paintings of the same name by Robert Delaunay, attempting to apply the ideas expressed in the painter's essay on light (which was itself transported into German by Paul Klee). LES FENÊTRES. From the description of Les fenêtres (poem), 1913. (person). £34. Hb. 983. Edited by Eugenia Loffredo and Manuela Perteghella. Mail By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies, National Archives and Records Administration. £12.99. 180. Maggie Sullivan's ‘Windows Opening’, spaciously laid out in red, black, blue, and green, does in fact work well in terms of sound too, bringing together Paris, Apollinaire's favourite ‘pihis’, and the French word ‘puits’. From the description of Letters to René Delhumeau, ca. Friedrich Hölderlin: Selected Poems. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Middletown, CT: Wesleyan University Press. The third moves towards the calligramme, which was so prominent in the collection where the poem first appeared, using layout, font, and colour to transfigure the original. One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting 'Les Fenêtres' by Apollinaire: Amazon.es: Eugenia Loffredo, Manuela Perteghella: Libros en idiomas extranjeros Les Fenêtres. The Explicator: Vol. The translators embarking on this project, all from different backgrounds and working contexts (poets, professional translators, academics, visual artists), were asked to engage with the inherent multimodality of this poem - inspired by Robert Delaunay's Les Fenetres series of paintings. 18, in the book Calligrammes by Guillaume Apollinaire (Paris: Librairie Gallimard, 1930) by Giorgio de Chirico, Librairie Gallimard, Guillaume Apollinaire, Atelier Desjobert, Imprimerie Darantière 1930. There have been many translations, complete or partial, of this collection since Stuart Merrill published his From the French: Pastels in Prose in 1890; almost all have their strengths, and Waldrop's takes its place among them, sometimes more effective, sometimes less. This is entertaining (even if once is enough), but there is a more substantial and satisfying contribution from the poet and musician Tony Baker, who offers ‘a form of open rehearsal for an absent performance’. I focus on what distinguishes these fours poems by following the evolution of poetical forms between symbolism and futurism/surrealism. £14.95. http://n2t.net/ark:/99166/w65d8sm4 Apollinaire, Guillaume, 1880-1918. (Getty Research Institute). From the description of Les fenêtres (poem), 1913. IN-FOLIO. Mais dans Les Fenêtres, Charles Baudelaire va au-delà : il propose une réflexion qui dépasse l'anecdote du tableau inséré au cœur du poème en prose, et qui encadre la fenêtre, presque un art poétique, qui définit la nature et le rôle du poète : c'est un créateur de "légendes", qui prend en charge la … From the description of Letter : Paris, to Marc Bresil, 1914 March 12. Inevitably, this comes across as somewhat artificial, but it does suggest effectively what it is really like to translate a poem. July 2019; In book: La Place d'Apollinaire (pp.S. (Getty Research Institute). Noté /5. Find useful information, the address and the phone number of the local business you are looking for. Looking for the Censor in the Works of Sean O'Casey (and Others) in Polish Translation, Annual Bibliography of English Language and Literature (ABELL), Australian Research Council ERA 2012 Journal List, CNKI (China National Knowledge Infrastructure), European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH PLUS), International Medieval Bibliography (IMB), Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (LLBA), MLA (Modern Language Association) International Bibliography, Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers, RETI: Revistes Dels Estudis de Traduccio I Interpretacio, Web of Science/Arts and Humanities Citation Index®. Guillaume Apollinaire (French: [ɡijom apɔlinɛʁ]; 26 August 1880 – 9 November 1918) was a French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, and art critic of Polish-Belarusian descent. Du rouge au vert tout le jaune se meurt Quand chantent les aras dans les forêts natales Abatis de pihis Il y a un poème à faire sur l’oiseau qui n’a qu’une aile Nous l’enverron en message téléphonique Truamatisme géant Il fait couler les yeux Voilà une jolie jeune fille parmi les jeunes Turinaises Le […] EDITION ORIGINALE. Translators, Interpreters, Mediators: Women Writers 1700–1900. WorldCat record id: 79028649 Les Fenêtres prennent donc pour point de départ la représentation de la lumière et la dynamique des couleurs. (Getty Research Institute). From the description of Letter : Paris, to Marc Bresil, 1914 March 12. Buy online, view images and see past prices for DELAUNAY - APOLLINAIRE. Manchester: Carcanet, 1997. Buy One Poem in Search of a Translator: Rewriting 'Les Fenetres' by Apollinaire New edition by Loffredo, Eugenia, Perteghella, Manuela (ISBN: 9783039114085) from Amazon's Book Store.

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