The official Cami de Cavalls website describes 20 stages, but you can comfortably walk 2 of these in a day. Once again, the path continued steeply on the other side of the beach and this time we walked along an open stretch of jagged rocks and boulders close to the sea, the path taking us next to Cala Escorxada. From Es Grau you can take the #23 Bus to return to Mahon. Easy to open, effortless to use, and leak-proof when closed. You may also enjoy: 15 fun things to do in Ciutadella – the ancient capital of Menorca. This article may contain affiliate links that provide a small commission on any purchases you make at no extra cost to you. Come along with me to taste the food, explore the culture, go hiking and cycling, experience a luxury cruise or boutique hotel. Hiking the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca, Spain is more than a walk through nature, but one through history. Hiking Transfer service for Favaritx to Es Grau, Hiking Transfer service for Cala Galdana to Santo Tomas. Time from Cala Macarella to Cala Macarelleta 15 minutes. If you are walking the whole of the Cami de Cavalls in a circular route, you can use a service like the Cami de Cavalls 360 who will transport your luggage for you and arrange accommodation, taking most of the organisation off your hands, so that you can just turn up and start walking. La dernière étape n’est pas la plus longue mais c’est la plus dure, prévient Joan de Camí de Cavalls 360º et les chiffres ne sont pas fiables puisqu’ils font environ 60 km et un peu moins de 900m de dénivelé, une étape qui, a priori, ne devrait pas être un problème pour les … Cala son Xoriguer – Cami de Cavalls Menorca, Find details of bus routes and timetables on the tib Menorca and Torres Menorca website. This is a popular beach as it has its own car park and can also be reached by bus #66 from Ciutadella (toilet near the car park). Find details of bus routes and timetables on the tib Menorca and Torres Menorca website. The next stretch of the Cami de Cavalls from Son Saura felt wild and untamed. The winter is possible, although days can be rainy and grey so not as nice as the blue skies and warm sunshine of spring and autumn. In addition to the difference in terms of landscape and scenery, your choice will also depend on the wind conditions. Camí de Cavalls Inici; CdC. The beach is surrounded by steep sided rocky cliffs and the rocks on one side make it a bit more interesting for swimming or snorkelling. The hotel also has an outdoor swimming pool which we didn’t use, but I’d say it’s more of a city hotel that provides a great base for an active holiday, than offering a resort style holiday experience. From here, the level sandy path followed the line of the beach on a stretch that seemed to be favoured by naturists (it was hard to keep our gaze on the path! If you need a transfer from Menorca airport to your hotel, you can book it here. On the headland we could see Torre de Rambla, one of a series of coastal watchtowers, built by the English when they governed Menorca at the end of the 18th century. The style of the hotel decor is fresh and contemporary, with restful furnishings and a modern bathroom with shower. It may also be possible to book a private transfer for pickup and dropoff on this stretch of the Cami de Cavalls – check out this Hiking Transfer service for Cala Galdana to Santo Tomas, After a short walk through shady pine woods we reached the first beach in a stretch of lovely beaches at Cala Mitjana, first viewing the beach from across the bay where boat trips drop people off. This is where you'll find travel inspiration for the 50+ traveller looking for an authentic travel experience with a little luxury. Blogger makes it simple to post text, photos and video onto your personal or team blog. As far as Menorca concerns, not to mention the fact it has an incredible nature is a sin. I’d probably use a service like this if I was walking the whole route sequentially as carrying a backpack in the Mediterranean heat is not very appealing. “The people of Menorca… we are scared of the sea.”It seems a strange thing to hear from someone whose family has lived here on the Spanish island for generations.Menorca is just 45 kilometres across and 30 kilometres from top to bottom. We were certainly ready for a rest and gratefully secured a table overlooking the beach, at the excellent Bar Es Brucs, where we ordered a well earned drink and late lunch. I could just imagine smugglers and fishing boats hiding out here in days gone by. Our bus ride from Ciutadella to Ferreries (see full transport options later in the article) allowed us to drink in the landscape of Menorca, with rolling fields bounded by dry stone walls and dark green balls of pine and oak clustering on the hillside. We’d decided to make this the end of our day’s walk, although this stage of the Cami de Cavalls would have taken us on to Mahon in another few hours. One thing to also note is that we had followed the path from Cala Galdana that skirts the coast and cliff tops so that we could enjoy the lovely beaches, but there is also a variant of the path that takes you inland and is the strict Cami de Cavalls route. July and August in the Mediterranean tend to be too hot for walking and the beaches and resorts are very crowded with summer visitors. Camiseta Cami de Cavalls Camisetas. There’s no need to follow this official division of 20 stages; you can walk/run/cycle at your own pace and in the direction you prefer. Blog; Contact Us × Cami de Cavalls: Your Guide for Menorca’s Most Beautiful 185km Hiking Trail. To reach Far Favaritx by bus for the start of this walk, take the #43 from Mahon bus station.Cost of bus is around €2-3 one way. This post is also available in DUTCH and FRENCH. Time to walk from Cala Galdana to Cala Mitjana 50 mins. Although there is a bus that runs from Es Grau to Mahon, it was not due for some time, so instead we called a taxi for the short drive back to Mahon. CAMI DE CAVALLS SOUTH. From Cala en Turqueta, the path followed the line of the coast although on this stretch we were closer to sea level, walking through scrub on an open, sandy path. Its recent history has also seen conflict: with some sections of the route being blocked by landowners not recognising the right of way. We skirted the back of the beach, where a fence protected the sand dunes from disturbance and followed the track up the hill at the other end of the beach. Imagine a long distance hiking trail where you’re never far from sparkling turquoise seas and sheltered coves, that you can walk in a continuous circuit or as individual day walks. Hotel Patricia Menorca is located a 10 minute walk from the historic centre of Ciutadella and the harbour. To reach Cala Galdana by bus for the start of this walk your options are. Looking for boat trips and activities on Menorca? VisitMinorque. Buenas!!! This is where you'll find travel inspiration for the 50+ traveller looking for an authentic travel experience with a little luxury. 100% free of BPA. Note however that these touristic establishments only open during the tourist season (starting from May until October). Ciutadella and Mahon are the two major towns on Menorca and have the best bus connections, so we booked hotels for 2 nights in each place. Our walk started at the Far Favaritx lighthouse on the north east coast of Menorca, one of seven lighthouses that protect ships from the island’s rocky coastline. This post is also available in DUTCH and FRENCH. Set into the rocks where I’m standing in the picture there was also a Civil War bunker with just a slit to poke your weapon through – so strange to think of violence in this lovely setting. Walking the north coast also requires careful planning, as there are long sections with no accommodation or road access. From a transport point of view, you will probably rely on buses and taxis to get you to the start and end of each day’s walk and need to be aware that many of the buses run seasonally. When the south wind blows, the north is usually calmer and with less jellyfishes, and the opposite occurs when the north wind blows. Cost of bus is around €2-3 one way. Although we found a guidebook useful, this Menorca hiking trail is easy to follow and well marked with red and white painted marks on trees and rocks, or signposts for the Cami de Cavalls or GR223. El far, i el seu cap que s'endinsa a la mar, dóna protecció dels vents del nord a aquests bonics indrets amb paisatges que discorren sobre el fosc terreny de pissarres amb una vegetació típica … This walk took us around 7 hours total but the actual walking time was around 5 hours (17km) – the rest being stops at beaches or viewpoints for rest, swim or refreshments. The name Cami de Cavalls literally means the “path of the horse riders” and although most people use it as a walking trail, there are sections that are also suitable for horse riding and mountain biking. Walking to Cala Escorxada Cami de Cavalls Menorca, Cala Escorxada was probably my favourite beach along this stage of the Cami de Cavalls, with not too many people due to the only access being on foot or by boat (you can also rent boats for the day at Cala Galdana). We spent some time clambering on the jagged black rocks that surround the lighthouse, before backtracking down the road to pick up the Cami de Cavalls walking signs. Time to walk from Cala de sa Torreta to Cala des Tamarells 30 mins, Cala des Tamarells – Cami de Cavalls Menorca, The final part of our walk was on easy gravel paths and walking over another headland, the white buildings of Es Grau came into sight across the bay. Climbing up the steep path at the end of the beach, we walked along the residential road past the Hotel Melia Cala Galdana and found the start of the Cami de Cavalls path. In this article we’ll explain you more about this trail and give you plenty of tips to organise your trip. We stayed for 2 nights in Hotel Patricia Menorca, a 44 room, family run hotel in Ciutadella which made the perfect base for walking the stage of the Cami de Cavalls from Cala Galdana to Cala’n Bosch. There’s more information to plan the walk on the official Cami de Cavalls website. To return from Santo Tomas take the #72 to Ciutadella or the #71 to return to Mahon. M.J.F. Avec 185km divisés en 20 étapes, le GR223 appelé aussi Cami Des Cavalls permet de découvrir les plus beaux endroits de l’île de Minorque tout en longeant le littoral et découvrir ses magnifiques calanques, plages, forêts de pins, roches géologiques mais aussi falaises qui façonnent l’île. This time the beach was large and flat and while sandy was also covered with seaweed, which I assume must be a feature of the beaches in the north of Menorca, although this often depends on the season (we were there in September). This walk took us around 4 hours total but the actual walking time was around 3 hours (10km) – the rest being stops at beaches or viewpoints for rest, swim or refreshments. It’s important to make a difference between the beaches in the north and south of the island. Cala Galdana is a busy holiday destination that’s packed in the summer months with numerous bars, shops and restaurants, several larger hotels and lots of other holiday accommodation. South coast – Cala Escorxada on the Cami de Cavalls Menorca, *These are the stages we walked that are described in this article, Stage 1 – Mahon to Binisafuller 20 km / 8 hours, Stage 2 – Binisafuller to Son Bou 20 km / 8 hours, Stage 3 – Son Bou to Cala Galdana 18 km / 7 hours *, Stage 4 – Cala Galdana to Cala en Bosc 17 km / 6 hours *, Stage 5 – Cala’n Bosch to Ciutadella 13 km / 5 hours, Stage 6 – Ciutadella to Cala Morell 18 km / 7.5 hours, Stage 7 – Cala Morell to els Alocs 15 km / 7 hours, Stage 8 – els Alocs to Ses Salines 20 km / 10 hours, Stage 9 – Ses Salines to Cap de Favaritx 24 km / 8.5 hours, Stage 10 – Cap de Favaritx to Mahon 20 km / 7.5 hours *, Naveta d’es Tudons – Discovering the Talayotic culture of Menorca, 15 Things to do in Mahón, Menorca – if you only have one day, 15 fun things to do in Ciutadella – the ancient capital of Menorca, Walking in Menorca – on the Cami de Cavalls.

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