In neighboring Mali, there are two contingency locations. If locations on Teil’s map are accurate, one of the Somali sites is located in this latter region. RDC : (Vidéo) Moïse Katumbi face à un report des élections... Classement 2017 des armées en Afrique selon Global Fire Power, RDC : L'Angola déploie son armée sur la frontière congolaise. There is local opposition in Okinawa to the construction of a new base; more than 76 per cent of the population having expressed their opposition to a relocation in Henoko. C’est un commandement unifié pour l'Afrique créé par le Département de la Défense des États-Unis en 2007 et opérationnel depuis 2008. En Afrique du Nord, leur présence est plus discrète : trois sites non dévoilés en Libye et une base de drones en Tunisie. Air Forces Africa spokesperson Auburn Davis told The Intercept that the Air Force recently completed 21 construction projects in Kenya, Tunisia, Niger and Djibouti and currently has seven others underway in Niger and Djibouti. expert on the U.S. military’s presence in Africa, personnel recovery and casualty evacuation services, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Special Operations Command and Control Element. Djibouti is home to the crown jewel of U.S. bases on the continent, Camp Lemonnier, a former French Foreign Legion outpost and AFRICOM’s lone forward operating site on the continent. Get to know Ramstein Air Base: Northside Post Office (Finance-Customer Service) 2:08. Camp Le Monier is the location from which US forces are operating from in the Horn of Africa. A map of U.S. military bases — forward operating sites, cooperative security locations, and contingency locations — across the African continent from declassified Fiscal Year 2015 U.S. Africa Command planning documents. Trump Just Pardoned Those Convicted Killers. Press freedom advocates must be careful not to indulge Trump’s conspiracy theories while they lobby for whistleblower pardons. La Croix de guerre instituée par le décret-loi du 26 septembre 1939 est en bronze florentin du module de 27 millimètres », lire : « 37 millimètres ». That’s all it takes to support the journalism you rely on. Il coordonne toutes les activités militaires et sécuritaires … In Gabon, a cooperative security location exists in Libreville. AFP / le 18 novembre 2020 à 15h50, mis à jour à 23h42 . “We have increased, which I won’t go into details here, but we have increased the firepower, we’ve increased the ISR [intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance] capacity, we’ve increased various response times,” he said. En 1935, neuf bases aériennes sont considérées comme les principales de cette nouvelle arme : celles de Chartres, de Metz, de Nancy, de Le Bourget, de Reims, de Pau, de Tours, de Châteauroux et de Lyon. According to Adam Moore, an assistant professor of geography at the University of California, Los Angeles and an expert on the U.S. military’s presence in Africa, “It is getting harder for the U.S. military to plausibly claim that it has a ‘light footprint’ in Africa. En Afrique australe, leur présence se limite à un site à Gaborone au Botswana. The other CSL, in the remote smuggling hub of Agadez, is set to become the premier U.S. military outpost in West Africa. In just the past five years, it has established what is perhaps the largest drone complex in the world in Djibouti — Chabelley — which is involved in wars on two continents, Yemen, and Somalia.” Moore also noted that the U.S. is building an even larger drone base in Agadez, Niger. Joining is simple and doesn’t need to cost a lot: You can become a sustaining member for as little as $3 or $5 a month. 2:32. 91, August 2019. According to the documents obtained by The Intercept through the Freedom of Information Act, AFRICOM’s network of bases includes larger “enduring” outposts, consisting of forward operating sites, or FOSes, and cooperative security locations, or CSLs, as well as more numerous austere sites known as contingency locations, or CLs. 0:35. So Do the Whistleblowers Trump Imprisoned. Les États-Unis changent de stratégie en Afrique. Cameroon is also home to a longtime outpost in Douala as well as U.S. facilities in Maroua and a nearby base called Salak, which is also used by U.S. personnel and private contractors for training missions and drone surveillance. Teil’s map of AFRICOM’s “Strategic Posture” names the specific locations of all 14 FOSes and CSLs and provides country-specific locales for the 20 contingency locations. Niamey, the country’s capital, is the location of Air Base 101, a longtime U.S. drone outpost attached to Diori Hamani International Airport; the site of a Special Operations Advanced Operations Base; and the West Africa node for AFRICOM’s contractor-provided personnel recovery and casualty evacuation services. Africom est basé à Stuttgart et dirigé par le général Stephen J. Townsen. Le Pentagone a annoncé mercredi 12 février un premier ajustement de ses forces dans la région avec le … Il s’agit d’une base de drones, dont la seule construction va coûter 100 millions de dollars. Innovation from the Ground Up. Civilian Personnel Flight. That drone base, located at Nigerien Air Base 201, not only boasts a $100 million construction price tag but, with operating expenses, is estimated to cost U.S. taxpayers more than a quarter-billion dollars by 2024 when the 10-year agreement for its use ends. The Pentagon has also told The Intercept that troop reductions in Africa will be modest and phased-in over several years and that no outposts are expected to close as a result of the personnel cuts. D’après un rapport de Peter Teil, conseiller technique au Pentagone, la plus importante base est le Camp Lemonnier à Djibouti qui est la « plateforme principale » des opérations américaines. Hours after Moore made those comments, the Pentagon announced that six firms had been named under a potential five-year, $240 million contract for design and construction services for naval facilities in Africa, beginning with the expansion of the tarmac at Camp Lemonnier in Djibouti. We don’t have ads, so we depend on our members — 35,000 and counting — to help us hold the powerful to account. Marine Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser, commander, U.S. Africa Command, speaks to the media at the Pentagon on May 10, 2018. on about your day, ask yourself: How likely is it that the story you just read would have been produced by a different news outlet if The Intercept hadn’t done it? Only one base lies in the far south of the continent, a CSL in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, that is run by the Army. C’est un commandement unifié pour l'Afrique créé par le département de la défense des États-Unis en 2007 et opérationnel depuis 2008. AFRICOM est basé à STUTTGART et dirigé par le Général Stephen J. TOWNSEN. CHRONIQUE DE KEMI SEBA SUR LES BASES MILITAIRES EN AFRIQUE. Candice Tresch, a Pentagon spokesperson, told The Intercept. L’objectif était de préserver les intérêts économiques de l’ancienne métropole (pétrole, uranium, bois, etc.) For example, Libya — the site of drone and commando missions, but for which President Donald Trump said he saw no U.S. military role just last year — is nonetheless home to three previously undisclosed outposts. De 1945 à 1972, Okinawa … This air war has continued in the years since. “We have been arming out of Niger, and we’ll use that as appropriate,” Waldhauser noted this summer, alluding to the presence of armed remotely piloted aircraft, or RPAs, now based there. la sujetion militaire du neocolonialisme. La compétition stratégique en Afrique : approches militaires américaine, chinoise et russe Focus stratégique, No. Les bases aeriennes militaires en france. All of these are located on the African continent except for an FOS on Britain’s Ascension Island in the south Atlantic. Près de 7 200 militaires américains se trouvent actuellement en Afrique, notamment en Somalie, au Nigeria et en Libye. Contracting documents from 2017 also noted the need for 4,400 gallons per month of gasoline, 1,100 gallons per month of diesel fuel, and 6,000 gallons of aviation turbine fuel to be delivered, every 90 days, to a “military installation” in Dirkou. From Wikinews, the free news source you can write! Officially, a CSL is neither “a U.S. facility or base.” It is, according to the military, “simply a location that, when needed and with the permission of the partner country, can be used by U.S. personnel to support a wide range of contingencies.” The sheer dimensions, cost, and importance of Agadez seems to suggest otherwise. According to a 2018 briefing by AFRICOM science adviser Peter E. Teil, the military’s constellation of bases includes 34 sites scattered across the continent, with high concentrations in the north and west as well as the Horn of Africa. AFRICOM’s 2015 posture plan lists proposed CLs in Gao and Mali’s capital, Bamako. These regions, not surprisingly, have also seen numerous U.S. drone attacks and low-profile commando raids in recent years. While the five bases in Niger anchor the west of the continent, the five U.S. outposts in Somalia are tops in the east. “Judging by its size and the infrastructure investments to date, Agadez more resembles massive bases that the military created in Iraq and Afghanistan than a small, unobtrusive, ‘lily pad,’” says Moore. “The U.S. footprint on the African continent has grown markedly over the last decade to promote U.S. security interests on the continent,” Navy Cmdr. Trump’s pardon of the Blackwater mercenaries who murdered 14 Iraqi civilians at Nisour Square shows the world what justice means in the United States. One is an outpost in the north of the country, known as CL Garoua, which is used to fly drone missions and also as a base for the Army’s Task Force Darby, which supports Cameroonian forces fighting the terrorist group Boko Haram. 1:31. That’s seven times more than the 42 confirmed U.S. drone strikes carried out in Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan combined for all of 2016, according to data compiled by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, a London-based nonprofit news organization. While China, France, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates have increased their own military engagement in Africa in recent years and a number of countries now possess outposts on the continent, none approach the wide-ranging U.S. footprint. The Chinese are involved in new railway infrastructure linking Djibouti with Addis Ababa Djibouti hosts the largest American permanent military base in Africa, Camp Lemonnier, which is … Le Commandement des Opérations Spéciales pour l’Afrique est un démembrement du Commandement Américain pour l’Afrique (AFRICOM). USA Jobs. I Sued Blackwater for the Massacre of Iraqi Civilians. The attack on the compound “involved indirect and small arms fire. U.S. bases in Germany. Teil’s briefing confirms, for the first time, that the U.S. military currently has more sites in Niger — five, including two cooperative security locations — than any other country on the western side of the continent. A CSL can also be found in Accra, Ghana, and another CSL is located on a small compound at Captain Andalla Cissé Air Base in Dakar, Senegal. Not all heroes wear capes. Okinawa prefecture constitutes 0.6% of Japan's land surface, yet as of 2006, 75% of all USFJ bases were located on Okinawa, and U.S. military bases occupied 18% of the main island. The kind of reporting we do is essential to democracy, but it is not easy, cheap, or profitable. Leadership. extrait de ‘face a l’actualite’ du 6 septembre 2016 sur afrique media The 2018 map also notes the existence of a CSL in Chad’s capital N’Djamena, a site where the U.S. began flying drones earlier this decade; it’s also the headquarters of a Special Operations Command and Control Element, an elite battalion-level command. Le Camp Lemonnier de Djibouti pourrait ainsi bientôt être supplanté par un important site militaire américain à Agadez, au Niger. In fact, U.S. base construction in Africa is booming. Le site américain The Intercept révèle une présence discrète mais massive de l’armée américaine en Afrique. AFRICOM’s 2015 posture plan also mentions contingency locations at Lakipia, the site of a Kenyan Air Force base, and another Kenyan airfield at Wajir that was upgraded and expanded by the U.S. Navy earlier in this decade. NAF Jobs . “The proliferation of bases in the Sahel, Libya, and Horn of Africa suggests that AFRICOM’s counterterrorism missions in those regions of the continent will continue indefinitely,” Moore told The Intercept. Sa mission, coordonner toutes les activités militaires, sécuritaires … Afin d… Les Américains disposent par ailleurs de pas moins de cinq sites militaires en Somalie, de quatre bases au Kenya, d’un site essentiellement consacré à la surveillance à Entebbe (Ouganda), de trois sites au Cameroun, dont une base de drones à Garoua, de deux sites au Tchad et d’un escadron pour la coopération militaire au Gabon. Still, there’s no denying the scope of AFRICOM’s network of outposts, nor the growth in infrastructure. En Afrique centrale, le Cameroun abrite une base américaine de drones à Garoua et des installations militaires à Douala, Maroua et Salak. Since 2002, the base has expanded from 88 acres to nearly 600 acres and spun off a satellite outpost — a cooperative security location 10 kilometers to the southwest, where drone operations in the country were relocated in 2013. Au Tchad, les Américains opèrent depuis une base de corps d'élite et de drones à N'Djamena, mais aussi depuis Faya Largeau. The Libya attacks have continued under the Trump administration, with the latest acknowledged U.S. drone strike occurring near Al Uwaynat on November 29. « La composante aérienne du commandement américain en Afrique vient de terminer ou travaille actuellement sur près de 30 projets de construction dans quatre pays africains« , soulignent les rapports consultés par The Intercept. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Since 2011, the U.S. has carried out approximately 550 drone strikes targeting al Qaeda and Islamic State militants in the restive North African nation. While troops and outposts periodically come and go from the continent, and some locations used by commandos conducting sensitive missions are likely kept under wraps, Teil’s map represents the most current and complete accounting available and indicates the areas of the continent of greatest concern to Africa Command. et de maintenir les pays africains dans son sphère d’influence. These sites, revealed in AFRICOM maps for the first time, do not include a CIA base revealed in 2014 by The Nation. AFRICOM’s 2015 posture plan listed only an outpost at Al-Wigh, a Saharan airfield near that country’s borders with Niger, Chad, and Algeria, located far to the south of the three current CLs. La présence militaire de la France en Afrique, imposée comme gage de sécurité et de stabilité, est observée depuis plus de 50 ans. It also proved integral to Operation Oaken Steel, the July 2016 rapid deployment of troops to rescue U.S. personnel after fighting broke out near the American Embassy in Juba, South Sudan. Somalia is the East Africa hub for contractor-provided personnel recovery and casualty evacuation services as well as the main node for the military’s own personnel recovery and casualty evacuation operations.

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