So feel free to take a look at my notes and opinions below! I think that's a great way to intrigue the player), Well, I think that though mannequins are scary themselves, it disappoints when one notices that they don't actually persue or pose any actual danger to the player. Find out more. 38 likes. Getting in the second building evolves climbing to the second floor using a tiny flexible tree which is not hard but still pretty ninja feeling. Not Now. Français fr. 8 years ago    Fantastic job. Really good short horror game! or. The scares were nicely paced and the sound design was well done! Update! It is scary here but not as much as the older one as they appear towards the end and don't do much till the last cutscene. As always, take my opinions with a grain of salt as I really did enjoy the experience. Home Archive for category "? The scares were nicely paced and the sound design was well done! Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid here (the game is the 3d there, likes and subs are highly appreciated! I like what I'm seeing so far. This game just needs a little more, I guess I can try for the secret ending (I think that's a troll). Mobile Tickets 24/7 Customer Service Search, compare and book the best prices and routes. Click download now to get access to the following files: *MY REVIEW: Graphics were really amazing for short horror game, perfect jumpscare timings, Little bit adultish I had use FilthyFrank to Hide all those stuff and Overall LOVED IT!!! Urbex_WorldWide. It's been great fun, very interesting, and quite adventurous to witness the decay that comes with time and abandonment to our massive structures, buildings, etc. You have definitely learnt from the previous game and made the area smaller; puzzles which include a lot back and forth, etc. )): The ambiance of the game was pretty interesting. Some documents and chemicals from Soviet times. Kaunas (Lithuania) delivers again!. Taking a look behind the closed doors of abandoned places. Hello! This was a one-person portfolio project, but I did get assistance from Ray for the mannequin model. As someone who has a general phobia of mannequins and dolls, I was terrified of this game. Would it be possible to contact you somehow? Keep it up. All visible from one another. Pretty spooky and short but good at the same time. Those mannequins sure surprised me haha. Urbex Activity. Need Tech Support? inspired just based around the idea of going back and forth in a small, confined area, but that seemed to work perfectly for this game. Aside from the minimal flaws that I found in this short horror game, I genuinely enjoyed it! I was not entirely sure what my objective was. Urbex, a free online Adventure game brought to you by Armor Games. Will you get out alive? This was a summer project and it was completed in just under three months. 2,517 Followers, 25 Following, 73 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Urbex France (@urbex_france) All visible from one another. Of course, the ending really served as the big jumpscare moment, but I don't think that worked too well. They just arrived in The Netherlands and came all the way from Eastbourne the UK. They are my future models and will join me on my adventures every now and then. Those mannequin models are great too! Reminded me of the famous limestone quarries under Belgium/Netherlands. Enjoy this game very much! |   Notes. Cymraeg cy lietuvių lt Español es Español es हिन्दी hi português pt polski pl Español es русский ru 日本語 ja Español es magyar hu Español es Español es Українська uk română ro Türkçe tr Italiano it norsk nb 繁體中文 zh English en Latviešu lv Deutsch de Good game, I want you to subscribe to my YouTube channel, greetings friend from Spain: Placebogames - YouTube. After becoming trapped in a dilapidated building in the industrial part of town, an urban explorer must now find their way out using whatever they can find. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you're looking for. See more of Urbex Activity on Facebook. Super fun and scary game nearly gave me a heart attack. Some sort of abandonned brewery outside Vilnius, Lithuania. Great job! Holy crap this was amazing. Contact Urbex Activity on Messenger. You need 5 cards(?) The game experience is roughly 5-10 minutes and it includes a secret ending that may take you a while to uncover. After I found the first fuse, though, I understood what my overall objective was and the fear crept right back up. URBEX / ☠️ TAXIDERMIE 2 Comments. This is Fortas IV, the last fort I explored in Kaunas. Why didin't they have any weapon if they went investigating abandoned buildings alone? Log In. My focus was on creating an unpleasant atmosphere and original models. But why mannequins?? Hopefully this home will soon get the attention to be restored but the menace of demolition is never far away… Details. I think it could've been even more terrifying if you would have done something with the mannequins at the end. You can find my video here: I am a game developer, so I understand how important it is to get critical feedback from players, no matter how experienced you are. Very good! Moreover, it's cool that the game has several endings, though, I haven't found the secret one :( Still, it's interesting, adds a lot to replayability and makes the whole adventure much more interesting. Zwiedzamy i filmujemy opuszczone miejsca, często tajne lub niedostępne dla wszystkich. The mannequins is a pretty scary topic - … But everything taken into account, both you and the game have improved immensely and this game was really fun to play! Anyway this was pretty good and a nice play. Hey all, I've been urbexing around belgium for a while now. connection.interconnection_transfers[tripIndex-1].duration.hour . Abandonned office of a meat factory in Kaunas. I liked it. URBEX OUEST, DÉCOUVREZ L’EXPLORATION URBAINE. I am starting a YouTube channel based around playing indie horror games, and this was one of the first! — Midnight Shift Remake is now complete. It's very unsettling. Find your bus ticket to Angers from € 2,99 41 direct connections Free Wi-Fi Over 2,500 destinations in Europe! Part of a 3 horror gameplay. to get the secret ending and it was totally worth it <3, Two epic rooftops of ‘unfinished’ abandoned buildings and 1 church scaffolding in one night! I loved the atmosphere and general unsettling nature of the environment. But one thing that I wish that this game had more of that the previous one did were the mannequins themselves. If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article. This page was last edited on 26 August 2017, at 21:54 (UTC). URBEX" Stuffinell. What were the player doing there? […] It had been Matt's blog that had got Simon into urbex. Was creepy until  a certain point in the game. Played Midnight Shift adn boy did this not disappoint. I hate mannequins lol. Villa Lambin. Let's discover some incredible abandoned places in Angervilliers. I featured both in my B&W horror anthology series: Exploring abandoned and lost places around Europe. I love it! I'm gonna have to check out your other games. I feel like early on, a lot of my fear was lost because I was just wandering, trying to figure out what to do. Very good game. Something dark lurks within, something creepy and in-human. This is pretty cool, man. le site: Facebook: First image hosting specialized in abandoned places, decay and urbex photography. I am a sucker for good sound design and I think this game got it down. Can't wait for more and good luck for the next one! 4 likes. Those noises deffo got me haha!! And everything is still ominous and scary as it was before due to the darkness and music in the background; they both go hand in hand together. Cookies This site uses cookies to improve your experience. Amateur de photos urbex en Eure & Loir 12 June 2020? Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. Forgot account? yes... great game... you terrified me developer. 5 green campuses: 1 in Cholet, 1 in Saumur and 3 in Angers (2nd in the best-town-to-study-in ranking by L’Etudiant, a French magazine for students) "Human-size" university, working with 50 non-profit organizations; The will to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gases It's a great game and it definitely startled us at some points! Urbex Paranormal Passion. Hola amigo, buen trabajo, yo quiero que te suscribas a mi canal, quiero que seamos amigos, saludos, Audio was on point Graphics are really good, Fantastic game!! They were a lot more prominent in the previous game and hence made it a lot more scarier. Did a great job of setting up a spooky atmosphere right off the bat! Thanks! Urbex in Belgium. URBEX Ouest c’est une équipe passionnée d’exploration urbaine.Depuis 2012, URBEX Ouest sillonne les villes de l’ouest de la France (et plus particulièrement de Vendée et Maine et Loire), à la recherche de châteaux abandonnés, d’usines désaffectées ou de tout autres lieux à l’abandon où le temps semble s’être arrêté. Photo Set. I want to introduce you all to my new friends. 日本人です!secret routeまでしっかりやりました!エンディングに意外性があって面白かったです. This was an incredible horror experience that left me feeling numb all over. About See All. I got a good amount of spooks and funny moments from this game, especially since I recorded it at 4AM lmao. Lithuanian Stonehenge outside Vilnius. Additionally, this project serves as a spiritual successor to my earlier project, Midnight Shift. It was  a nice little game, funny more than scary; I didn't get the secret ending and I might try to find it latter, but I feel sick today so I can't play anymore :c. Anyway, I recommend it, although you have to be a good observer, the puzzles aren't clear and the objects (keys and fuses) are really small, and the fuse box is not clear, being confuse as one prop with no use at first. The environment is a lot smaller, hence making it a lot scarier than the previous game. cherche participation à un voyage spot urbex à l'étranger, faire proposition. The best place to share the most awesome urbex & abandoned places photos. Art. Did this stick a fine hot blade in my fear of mannequins? The practice and implementation of the theories analyzed in any developmental process is the most significant evidence of the learning outcomes and the competencies developed at the end of the development of a program. the old dingy building and cone flashlight really help to set the mood. i played through this and loved it the jumpscares music and atmosphere was amazing! It was perfectly set up for one of them to charge at me, but even just something as simple as one of the mannequins falling over when I walked passed could've served as perfect jumpscare material. Source: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. It's as scary as the previous game was and even more spookier. Bath Filling 2 Hours - Mic Position 3 - … It really was a perfect addition to my playlist of indie horror games! Call tech support. The ambiance of the game was pretty interesting. I hope that the secret ending reveals a bit more of the story) Still, I think there is room for improvement). I think that a small, non-lethal jumpscare would've been perfect right before that ending sequence. I rate this experience 4/5 stars as the game could be improved a bit more. 10 likes. I really like this games setting. Also had a couple of good creepy sounds. There was just enough sound when the game needed it, and none when it didn't. Search for interesting locations in your neighbourhood and read about its history.