Roadtrips are the perfect intermediary between full-blown package holidays and run-of-the-mill backpacking, offering you the freedom to travel where you want and at your own pace, without shelling out on buses with freezing air con and awkward timetables. So I recommend choosing a different, If you’re looking for something a little cheaper, we also spent a night in the main town of Tulum at, At the end of your Yucatan road trip, if you can afford it, it’s worth spending a few nights in an all-inclusive on the beach in Cancun to really unwind. We paid £33 per night for a double room. This does not affect the price you pay but helps me to run this site. Mexican Road Trip (Cancun, Cozumel, Playa Del Carmen & Tulum) By Lisa Horowitz. I’m not usually an all-inclusive hotel person, but it was really nice to switch off for a few days, not think about where to go and just chill on the beach and by the pool, and eat and drink as much as we wanted! The Ultra Mar return costs 145p and Magaña return costs135p. Entre plages de rêve, cités Maya, réserves … If you’re short on time you don’t necessarily need to stay a night in Izamal, however, I do recommend it. READ: Check out the beautiful Pink Lakes of Las Coloradas. Cesiak Centro Ecologico Reserve: A thin patch of road girt by tropical forest and water. 31 août 2020 - Travel - Mon road Trip au Mexique | Yucatan . But it all works well, and is worth the price just to be able to take a photo of the lobby! Where to stay in Cancun. This itinerary is for a full two weeks’ road trip around the Yucatan. I really recommend downloading offline maps on Google Maps – there are lots of one-way roads in the towns and cities and this will help you avoid getting lost or caught in the wrong street! There are lots of great bars and restaurants. Yalahau Lagoon: Be surrounded by birds and other native animals, maybe even an alligator! Swim with turtles: A well-known area nearby called Akumal Bay is famous for snorkeling with sea turtles, and just down the road from it, is one of the best cenote snorkeling places I’ve visited in the Yucatan called Yal-Ku. Training with nature in nature. You can buy tickets at the bus station or online. Everyone here can find something they will love. We stayed at Haven Riviera. This is not the same as travel insurance and can be purchased from the hire car company. Mango Tulum Hotel: Clean, crisp and engulfed in a lush garden. We did two dives with Scuba Life Cozumel, which were fantastic! Note: Never try and swim through the tunnels – some go on for miles and divers and swimmers have died exploring these. Ka’beh was rated one of Lonely Planets tops hostels since 2009. Hostal MX: I just love this little hostel girt by tropical gardens, with sandy floors and just off 5th Avenue. They just look so beautiful, and I’m a massive water-sports and diving enthusiast, so was eager to experience them in real life. Arriving early you can explore some of the temples without other people and really feel the spirituality of the place (and of course get photos without hundreds of people in them!). Cichlids are a popular fish tank addition as they are brightly coloured, and it was awesome to see them living wild in this brackish water. Is it safe to visit Yucatan. Just ask your reception for a tutor, READ: Beautiful Photographs of San Cristobal. I like to get out there in the thick of it, meet the locals, have new experiences and immerse myself in the culture. Road trip de 8 jours en Jordanie; Visiter Pétra en 2 jours; 1 Commentaire. Hostel Rio Playa: This would be my first choice of cheap places to stay in Playa, if only for the vibe. Reina Roja Hotel: This hotel is insane, and that’s why I HAD to add it (it’s a bit more expensive than what I usually recommend). By Lisa Horowitz. The Yucatán peninsula in Mexico is the … Simple place with a pool and parking. De quoi dépayser un max ! You’ll see other backpackers waiting. At the end of your Yucatan road trip, if you can afford it, it’s worth spending a few nights in an all-inclusive on the beach in Cancun to really unwind. We did the latter, although in hindsight the first option is probably easier. For a 2 week Yucatan road trip, I would follow the itinerary above until day 8, except spend one additional day in Merida. Yucatan Road Trip Day 2 – Valladolid On the third day of our trip we are going to actually explore the colonial city of Valladolid and its lively historical center. If you let them know in advance they also offer dinner. READ MORE: Here’s a fantastic 10-Day Playa Del Carmen Itinerary. But actually there’s much more; a roof top bar, one block from 5th Avenue (the main strip) and free drinks for ladies between 10 and 11 pm. Things to eat on your road trip in Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Il est donc plutôt aisé de s’en sortir avec un petit budget … We tested two accommodations that are both very awesome recommended. Chichen Itza is possibly Mexico’s most famous ruin, and truckloads of people flow through there every day. How about a plate of fresh fish for 90 pesos? We were recommended it by our hosts at Casa de las Olas and it was so worth the stop. At the rooftop “pirate deck” you can see full panoramic views of the ocean and the jungle. Budget global pour notre Road Trip Yucatan … Mexique : Road Trip au Yucatan en 3 semaines ! Road trip dans le Yucatan : itinéraire, budget et conseils. La Chiapaneca: I’m just going to take a few seconds to remember my time I had in Tulum with Chiapaneca. We spent a lot of time relaxing at the beach here. Hammocks strung up around a shady courtyard means you can enjoy your lack of checkout time and all-day breakfast to the max. Mais nan je déconne! Although quite touristy, the Yucatan Peninsula is one of the best places to road trip in Mexico. The water is actually pretty shallow here, so it’s not really the best for swimming, so of all the cenotes we visited I would say this was my least favourite, but if you have time, it’s still worth a visit. Elle comporte les états de Campeche, du Yucatan et du Quintana Roo. The highways are well kept and uncrowded, the cities are charming. Budget travel yucatan – 10 Tips For Planning Your European Trip. I’m Hayley, a British travel writer and producer living in Sydney. Succulent, juicy slow roasted pork tacos, an endless stream of guacamole and roast pineapple to top. Think of Mexico like a mermaid’s tail: the Yucatan is the tip, curving up to form the southern barrier of the Gulf of Mexico. Tulum Jungle Gym: I love this idea so much! Playa del Carmen is an interesting place. Alors c’est parti pour 2 semaines de road trip au Yucatan ! Mezcal Hostel: Just a short walk from the bus station but a little bit back from the beach, you’ll find colourful and cute Mezcal. Sleep – we stayed in such a lovely hotel here –, Sleep – We slept at Szapot and honestly I wouldn’t recommend it. (However, this is pretty much where all the budget accommodation is!). Just a 50 minute colectivo from Playa del Carmen is Tulum. There are lots of boat trips heading out on the lake and we opted for a sailboat. If that doesn’t sound like you at all, just use Cancun as a place of transit like I did. Buy The Best Snorkel Gear for Travel to Mexico! Wanting to get away from the crowds and don’t care if you don’t have power 24/7? I’m addicted to getting the most out of life and would love to take you along for the ride. October 21, 2018. We just spend in Mexico-Yucatan area 14 … It’s a very casual restaurant located right on the beach, and there were lots of local families eating and spending the day there. Road trip dans le Yucatan : itinéraire, conseils, budget, bonnes adresses pour 2 semaines au Mexique : Campeche, Quintana Roo et Yucatan. Cenotes: Definitely visit some cenotes, my faves near Play del Carmen are Cenote Azul (Blue Cenote) and Río Secreto (Secret River, totally underground). Poc na Hostel: My island home; a huge, colourful hostel on the beach with a volleyball court and sandy beach bar. There’s also a nightly light and sound show on the walls of El Palacio Centro Cultural. While here, be sure to walk the walls and visit the Maya Architecture Museum, Baluarte de la Soledad, which tells you the history. Most cenotes have a fee to enter, which is usually around $100 pesos. This was another favourite of ours, and it also had a rope swing. A cave cenote filled with beautiful stalactites and stalagmites. If you are road tripping through Yucatan, make sure your Merida hotel has parking, as many don’t. Sleep – We stayed at Hotel Mary Carmen, which was a short walk from the ferry and lots of restaurants. OMG, road trip theme: colorful towns and street art. En effet, avec une boucle au départ de Cancun et avec un retour à Cancun, vous … It means you can get up super early and get to the temples before they open – and be the first in. Here’s my Budget Guide to Chiapas, Tourist Bus Company: ADO. This part of Mexico is not lacking in resorts! Hell yeah! Our double was approximately £29 per night. Read why you should visit this Paradise Lagoon, WHERE TO NEXT? Durant ces 15 jours de road trip au Yucatan, j’ai dépensé la somme globale de 900 €, vols inclus, prix pour une personne donc. Since the itinerary has shifted by one … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Isla Mujeres means ‘Island of Women’ in Spanish and is in the shape of a pregnant fish. We didn’t experience this, but it’s worth reading this guide to, This was probably my favourite of all the cenotes we visited – the main reason being that it has an awesome, Oliva Kitchen – Italian (we had been in Mexico for 6 weeks at this point, and were craving some Italian food! You could consider heading straight to Isla Holbox afterwards. LE BUDGET POUR UN ROAD TRIP DE 2 SEMAINES AU YUCATAN. Rooms at Haven Riviera start from £300 for a double all-inclusive. Merida has great nightlife and is a good place for enjoying a few tequilas. Have you done a road trip through the Yucatán region of Mexico before? It has a cute little bar, hot tubs and is the best value in the area. Bus: From the bus terminal in Cancun, the ferry terminal at Puerto Juarez is either a 10 minute taxi drive (40 pesos) or a 15 minute colectivo (although I ALWAYS had trouble getting the colectivo to the terminal, but never any problem back as it always waited for the ferry). Coco Bongo: Do the Can-can in Cancun on the bar while barmaids tip tequila straight down your gullet. Le pays des Cénotes. If you’re not keen on driving, it’s easy to get around the Yucatan by bus. To the south of the town is Cenote Azul. Follow me for adventures, tips and a travel show! In this area of Mexico, you can see baby turtles hatch (August to November), swim with whale sharks (May to August) and check out amazing underground rivers called cenotes (year-round) found in the Yucatan. The Yucatan Peninsula is made up of three states; Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche, and this road trip covers all three to some extent. We ask ourselves a lot of questions: the security in the country, the journeys on the roads, the budget to envisage, with or without car etc … Having made 5 Roadtrip in the last 10 years in Mexico, I will give you some keys to better organize your next trip … You can find me doing headstands on the edges of cliffs, chasing down baby goats or perched in a weird position trying to get the best photo. We travelled with most of the Mexican bus operators during our Mexico trip including ADO and Primera Plus, which operate in the Yucatan. We look forward to reading your experiences and tips in the comments below. Staying in Tulum: Accommodations on the beach of Tulum are very expensive so most budget travelers – and so do we – stay in the center of Tulum. YUCATAN PENINSULA ROAD TRIP. So I recommend choosing a different hotel in Bacalar. Unfortunately, I ended up feeling a bit disappointed. If so, what did your itinerary look like? Répondre. The Yucatan in Mexico is like a huge playground for water-related activities. Planning an epic Mexico road trip?Here’s our detailed breakdown of the perfect two-week itinerary in Mexico.. The site is small and you won’t need a lot of time to explore. Except I will, just to give you options. Sleep – We stayed at Olas, right at the very end of the beach and next to the Biosphere Reserve. If you do have a car – great – you can explore these on your own. If you found this useful, share it or save it for later!